Photo editing

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I wanted to make a post to show you guys how I typically edit my photos. I’m not a professional photographer or photo editor by any means, but it’s just something I really love to do for fun. I like to take pictures of things that catch my eye and edit them to see how cool they can look! I’m always that girl stopping to snap a photo and proud of it. haha! I’m going to share some before and afters and show you how I give photos a bit of my own personal flare. Everyone has their own preferences and there are many ways to make pictures look awesome!

All of my pictures are taken on a Google Pixel phone.

Editing apps I use:

  • VSCO
  • Instagram


2017-11-06 05.30.43 1.jpg



This is a completely unedited picture in comparison with an edited photo. To get my photo to fit my style and theme, I use one filter on VSCO. I try to never layer multiple filters because I’ve noticed it decreases the photo quality!

On VSCO, I have bought 3 different filter series and I plan on buying more in the future! A cool thing about Google Pixels/androids is that you can do surveys for Google and get Google Play money in return! I can use that money to buy apps and for in-app VSCO purchases. It’s pretty cool to not have to spend actual money lol #BrokeCollegeStudent. Anyways, a few of my go-to filters on VSCO are:

  • A4/Analog and A5/ Analog
  • M5/ Mood

I tend to use filters that bring out the yellow, red, and orange in photos. A cool filter I like to use to bring out the blue colors is called P5/ Instant. There are so many different filters to try and that’s why VSCO is a really fun editing app to use!




After adding a filter on VSCO, I upload my picture on Instagram to adjust everything else. As you can tell, I like my pictures to be really bright. I think this is the most important part of making my photos look the way they do!  In order to brighten the picture, I turn the highlights all the way up. I don’t use the brightness setting because it makes the actual subject of my picture too bright, rather than just the background.





Next, I increase the structure to bring out the details of the photo. I usually decrease the shadows to give the photo even more depth. Then, I increase the saturation a very small amount.









Increasing the highlights helped brighten this picture but not lose focus of the details.


2017-12-04 06.06.11 1.jpg


fun fact: these birds sat on this ledge for about 2 minutes while I snapped photos of them. They were so photogenic!


2017-12-19 11.37.40 1.jpg


This was one of my favorite edits because the photo now has a completely different look! One of the few photos I have layered filters on.




Increasing the structure helped bring out the details of these flowers.

So, that’s about it! It’s not a special or difficult technique but that’s how I give my photos my own style! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my pictures! If you are interested in seeing more, I would be happy to share other photos. When living everyday life, I try to remember that even the smallest and simplest things can be beautiful if you look at them close enough. That’s why I have like a million pictures in my camera roll lol. It’s possible to be a photographer in your own simple way, so rock on! There’s plenty of beauty in the world to capture 🙂  Thanks for reading this post and stopping by C in Color!

much love,


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