Coconut oil: 4 uses

Hello wonderful people! Welcome to C in Color! Today, I am talking about a magical product that I literally LOVE: coconut oil. Coconut oil is a versatile product and there are like a hundred different uses for it! Not to mention that it is completely natural and using it provides many health benefits. I use it every single day so I thought I would share my top 4 uses of coconut oil 🙂

The coconut oil that I have is SimplyNature Organic Coconut oil. I got this at ALDI (where my ALDI peeps at?) for only $4! Any brand of coconut oil will do, but it’s important that it is cold pressed and unrefined. When coconut oil is cold-pressed, this means that it is pressed at a lower temperature that preserves the oil’s natural health benefits. Also, unrefined means that it is made from fresh coconuts and does not go through the refining process, which also removes some of the vitamins and minerals (read more here).

Here are the 4 ways I use coconut oil!

 1. Hair care

      About every 2 weeks, I use coconut oil to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. There are many benefits to this! In the past few years, my hair has grown tremendously just by doing this every few weeks. Also, this moisturizes dry hair and decreases frizz!

Here’s the process:

1. I fill up my bathroom sink with hot water and sit my coconut oil container in the water (with the lid on) until the coconut oil melts. Coconut oil will melt at around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and is solid at colder temperatures.

2.  I put on an old shirt or bath robe because coconut oil can stain your clothes! I brush my hair and put the coconut oil all throughout my hair. I usually put more on the ends of my hair.

3. Then, I wrap my hair up in a bun and leave it for an hour. If you are running short on time, 30 minutes is also enough time for the coconut oil to work its magic!

4. I get in the shower and shampoo and condition my hair. Warning: you will have to wash your hair like 3 times to get all the coconut oil out but its worth it, I promise lol.

5. Enjoy beautiful shiny and soft hair!

2. Makeup remover

      I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup almost every time I wear makeup! I started doing this so many years ago that I can’t even remember when! Since then, the skin around my eyes is much softer and my eyelashes are stronger/longer. Using coconut oil to take off my eye makeup doesn’t require harsh rubbing, it just takes mascara and everything right off!

To take my makeup off, all I do is grab a cotton ball, put a dime-sized amount of coconut oil on it (I just use the solid form because it melts when it hits my eyes anyways), and wipe my eye makeup off! Then, rinse around my eyes with warm water. Simple as that 🙂

3. Skin care

      Coconut oil is extremely beneficial to skin! I try to use coconut oil to do a deep moisturizing on my face every 2 weeks (sometimes I fail at this, but hey we’re all human haha). This helps moisturize dry skin and easily cleanses pores.

What I do: I dampen my face with a hot washcloth to open my pores. Then, I use a dime-sized amount of coconut oil and apply it all over my face. I leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off with a cold-ish washcloth to close my pores!

   4. Pet health

       Something I am asked about ALOT is my cat, Winston. If you have ever seen Winston in person, you know that he has the most beautiful coat of long orange fur. Many people wonder how his hair is so pretty and the secret is out: It’s COCONUT OIL! Coconut oil has so many benefits for my cat. He is almost 3 years old and has had less than 5 hairballs his whole life! It’s pretty crazy if you ask me and most people can’t believe it considering that he is one of the fluffiest cats ever lol. Giving him coconut oil every few days keeps his coat healthy, prevents dry/itchy skin, and prevents hairballs.

Disclaimer: I can’t speak for ALL animals! Some cats/dogs don’t like coconut oil and for some, it can make them sick after ingestion. According to PetMD, it is really important to start slowly with small amounts when introducing your pet to coconut oil because some may not tolerate it. Additionally, coconut oil is high in saturated fat content. Therefore, you want to closely monitor the amount of coconut oil given to your pet to prevent weight gain! (read more here)

As for Winston, coconut oil is his favorite thing in his life haha. If he hears the container open, he comes running at full speed. I give him less than a dime-sized amount of coconut oil (in solid form) every few days and that does the trick!

2018-01-13 12.30.11 1.jpg
Winston: because he is just too cute to not include


There are SO MANY MORE ways you can use coconut oil and if you can’t tell, I freaking love it! If you don’t use coconut oil in some way in your life, I hope this encourages you to try out all of its awesome, natural benefits!

Much love,


Sources (cause I’m professional like that)

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