Some pictures from our weekend trip to Chicago. It was such a fun time and I enjoyed exploring the city with my love and seeing my bff. Here are some of the places we went and photos I took. I have so much fun with photography and hopefully soon I will have a fancy camera to take photos with instead of just using my phone! hope you enjoy 🙂


Navy Pier

2018-07-22 04.47.40 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-22 04.50.38 1-01.jpeg



North Avenue Beach

2018-07-22 09-1.21.51 1.jpg
the cutest human ever



Some cool parks

2018-07-27 05.42.04 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-27 05.33.35 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-27 05.43.58 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-22 09.16.45 1-01.jpeg


The Magnificent Mile


2018-07-27 05.27.12 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-22 07.04.19 1-01.jpeg

I absolutely love the lighthouses on the mag mile because of the message behind them. They are part of an art display to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Sometime in August, they will all be auctioned off to raise money for various programs for disabled people and their families. I think its beautiful that these lighthouses use art to signify that kindness can be noticed by anyone whether they are blind, deaf, or disabled in anyway. Never underestimate art or kindness 🙂

-Also had to visit a few shops while on Michigan Avenue

2018-07-22 07.00.43 1.jpg
Dylan’s Candy Bar. If you know Adam & I then this won’t surprise you one bit lol.
2018-07-27 05.44.36 1-01.jpeg
Anthropologie. Seriously want EVERYTHING in this store, including the tile


Random photos taken around the city

2018-07-22 04.54.06 1-01.jpeg
The canal

2018-07-22 09.19.47 1-01.jpeg

2018-07-27 05.38.58 1-01.jpeg
The Bean, of course. total tourist moment
2018-07-27 05.29.23 1-01.jpeg
Mural in Old Town
2018-07-22 07.16.21 1.jpg
Eating at Plymouth’s Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. I highly recommend this place! The food & the view were amazing.

2018-07-22 04.53.04 1-01.jpeg

So these are just a few of the pics I took while visiting Chicago. Thank you to Colie for letting us stay in her awesome apartment. We had such a fun time & can’t wait to visit again!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!



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