Bouquet Painting

Hello! This post is about a painting I recently made! I painted a wedding bouquet as a gift for my very special sister. It was a really fun project and my favorite one yet 🙂

Here are some pictures from the process:

I didn’t get a picture of the original sketch but I printed off a picture of the wedding bouquet and drew the details as best as possible! Then, I first started painting the green foilage on the bottom layer.


Next, I drew more details in pencil.


The next pictures shows the top layer of greenery!


The hardest part of the painting was the white roses! I had never painted/ drew roses, let alone white ones! It took a lot of mixing paints and layering to get the color I was happy with. Finally, I decided to outline the roses in micron pen to give them more dimension.

Here is the final piece 🙂


For this painting I used many different sizes of Master’s Touch paintbrushes, Master’s Touch acrylic paint, and a 0.2 micron pen.

Thanks for reading!

-love, Calan ❤

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  1. Bev Soladine says:

    How am I just now reading this blog post?! Calan, you are an amazing artist and the most wonderful sister I could ever have hoped for! So thankful to have such a talented, generous woman in my life! Thank you again for this sweet gift. ❤️

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    1. CinColor says:

      I love you so much!!! Thankful everyday that I have you in my life!❤️You are very welcome, it was one of my favorite things to make and Im glad I could give it to you!❤️


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