Thrifting Haul

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I’m super excited about this post because I LOVE THRIFTING! Obviously, thrifting is such a great way to build a cute wardrobe and find the most unique items! I think it’s also a great way to reduce “fast fashion” and reuse items that are already out there in the world! Recently I went to a few thrift stores in Bloomington and found so many gems 🙂


Yellow dress

This dress is a beautiful midi dress that can be worn off the shoulder or on. I love the details & I think it was only $8! This dress makes me feel like sunshine when I wear it 🙂


Red Floral Skirt

I found a red floral skirt and immediately loved it! It fits perfectly and is a great length. Here’s pictures of the flower detail and me wearing the skirt at a greenhouse! The skirt was $4!


Eddie Bauer Skirt

I found this wrap skirt the same day I found the red one! It is the brand Eddie Bauer which is a really nice brand so I was surprised to find this for $4! As you can see by the picture, it is a size 10 but that was an easy fix considering this skirt is a wrap skirt. It was easily sewed to make a smaller waistline and it is the perfect length I wanted!



Floral Scarf

Obsessed with this pattern! (obviously… since it has flowers on it haha!). This scarf was very long and when I got it, it definitely wasn’t scarf weather anymore so I cut a bit off to make the hair scarf I’m wearing in the photo above!



Navy Polka Dot Dress 

I think my style is modeled after the 1950’s because I totally have a thing for polka dots! This dress was only $7. I love the sleeves and how baggy/comfy the dress is!



Cream Wrap Dress

Okay, last dress I promise! This is one of my favorite thrift finds ever! I found it for $3. It’s made of thick material and doesn’t feel cheaply made at all! The brand is Wild Rose but I’ve never heard of them before. The dress looks so flattering on and I love it so much that I’m planning on wearing it to my wedding rehearsal dinner!



Jean Jacket

Found this cropped jean jacket for $5. I love the dark, distressed denim!


Brown Suede Purse 

I found this purse for under $5 and couldn’t love it more! It was in perfect condition and still had the tags. I love the detailing and think it is the perfect size!



Almost all of my book collection is used! I have found so many classic books in perfect condition at Half Price Books. They had “Fill a bag day” and I got tons of great books for $20 total! I always get so happy when I find a hardcover version of any book I like!


Painting Guide

I’m so excited to try this painting guide out! It shows step by step how to paint beautiful flowers and scenes! I think this will really help me learn how to paint realistic flowers. This book is Backroads of My Memory by Geri Kisner.


Vintage Polaroid Camera

My last thrifted item to share is this Polaroid camera. My fiance, Adam, found this and surprised me with it. It was the sweetest gift ever. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it to work with the film that came with it but we’re going to buy some online and try that out. Either way, I love this old camera so much!

So, those are all of the cool items found recently at thrift stores! Most of the items were found at the following places

  • Bloomington Antique Mall
  • Bloomington Thrift Shop
  • Goodwill
  • Half Price Books

I plan to make this a series where I share all the thrifted things I find in the future, since I’m always thrifting haha! Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed!



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