Red River Gorge, KY

Hi guys! We went to Red River Gorge in Kentucky this past fall for a quick weekend trip. We had a blast staying in a cabin with family/friends, hiking, and enjoying nature! We got up early for a sunrise hike and tried some more challenging hikes than we usually do. There are so many trails with great views! You can find those using the All Trails app or just researching on Google; so many people have given great reviews on trials so it is easy to find the perfect hike for you! When we went in November, it was beautiful weather and the trees were starting to change!  I took my camera and was able to get a lot of pretty photos while hiking 🙂






2019-11-13 04.31.19 1-01.jpg

2019-11-13 12.52.11 1-01-1.jpg


2019-11-12 10.34.34 1-01-1.jpg

2019-11-12 10.40.25 1.jpg

2019-11-12 10.22.18 1-01-1.jpg

2019-11-14 06.19.16 1.jpg
Cabin view

My favorite part of the trip was waking up at 3 am to hike the CloudSplitter trial. It was so worth this beautiful sunrise!

2019-11-16 12.14.15 1-01.jpg

2019-11-16 12.18.56 1-01-1.jpg



It was an awesome trip and we have also been in the summer so this place will be beautiful any time you visit! Can’t wait to go back again!




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