Fall & Winter 2019

Hello! 🙂 Here are my favorite photos from this past fall and winter! I’m making this post in April 2020 and with everything going on in the world right now, these photos feel like a lifetime ago! I can’t wait for things to be normal again but I am also glad precautions are being taken for our safety! We had a really great Fall and Winter. At the beginning of both seasons, we made a list of all the fun seasonal activities we wanted to do! We pretty much checked everything off the list! We visited several art museums, went on a bunch of country drives and hikes, spent time with family for the holidays and went on mini vacations to Red River Gorge and St. Louis! 🙂



2019-10-13 06.46.20 1-01-01.jpg
Went on a picnic at Lower Cascades park in the beginning of fall




Visited Huber’s Orchard and picked apples/pumpkins!
2019-10-29 01.46.25 1.jpg
Our pumpkin carved to look like our cat Winston haha

2019-10-26 08.52.16 1.jpg

2019-10-24 10.39.46 1-01.jpg
NewFields Art Museum: Infinitely Kusama Exhibit


2019-10-31 07.59.02 1-01-01.jpg

2019-11-25 08.20.07 1-01.jpg

     2 of the many pictures from Red River Gorge in Kentucky (check out my full blog post here to see more of our fall trip!)

Pictures I took around IU where I work! I love campus in the fall


2020-03-08 06.14.36 1.jpg
Taking pics on film. looking forward to getting all of our rolls of film developed!

2019-12-19 02.00.33 1.jpg

Picked out our first real Christmas tree at Greene Co. Trees (a cute family owned tree farm near Bloomington, love this place!)

2019-12-11 10.11.15 1-015555
Celebrated my birthday at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. I had wanted to go see the orchestra for so long, so thank you to my babe for taking me and making it such a great birthday ❤



2019-12-02 07.56.07 1-01.jpg
Winterlights at Newfields


2019-12-16 04.21.15 1.jpg

2020-02-08 08.29.30 1.jpg


2019-12-26 08.17.07 1-01.jpg

2020-01-27 02.23.13 1-01.jpg
Date night event at Eskenazi Art Museum

2020-01-05 10.44.11 1-01.jpg


2020-02-09 04.27.56 1-01.jpg

Went on a mini family vacation to St. Louis before Christmas! Here is my full blog post about this awesome trip!


Hope you enjoyed these pics are you are feeling okay during this crazy time right now! I have been staying busy to keep my anxiety from spiraling. Hobbies help pass the time and that is one reason why I am trying to be more active on the blog! Anyways, stay safe and healthy friends ❤



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